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The dollar moves to rebound

Very little has happened in the dollar market for many weeks. It stuck in a side move, which was also preceded by a significant weakening of the USD from previous months, along with a rebound since March and an increase in risk appetite in the markets. It is clearly visible on EUR/USD. After reaching 1.20,

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Out of breath after 8 consecutive weeks of EUR/USD increase

The past days have brought the Eurodollar retraction, which leaves a noticeable upper shadow on the weekly chart. It is worth noting that the 8-week rally with EUR / USD has been gaining steadily behind us. A retreat from the previous days and an end of the week around 1.18 or lower would mean that

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The upcoming dollar appreciation is a warning to the stock markets

The third week of consolidation on the dollar is coming to an end, which in the case of EUR / USD slowed down its current move in the area of the resistance zone, also strengthened by the presence of a 61.8% retracement of the entire long-term downward trend. Very similar conclusions can be drawn from

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Strong buy signal on EUR/USD will support commodities

For a long time, the euro has had a problem with resistance in the 1.1450 area. In the past days, this level was broken and at the moment, i.e. in the middle of the week, candle W1 indicates a classic, strong buy signal. If you manage to maintain the achieved levels by the end of

Eurodolar is getting closer to the end of gaining

EUR/USD has risen sharply in recent days. From last week it was an increase of about 3 figures, which is a considerable achievement for the average volatility so far. The weakening of the dollar is also accompanied by an improvement in global investment sentiment, flowing capital to equity markets (including emerging markets) and negatively correlated

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Preparations for EUR/USD growth

The area of 1,0775 on EUR/USD has been an important support in recent weeks, around which several turning points have already appeared. You can see here mainly the reactions of buyers. A week ago, sellers tried to threaten this zone again, but eventually ended only with a violation of the bottom shadow of the day

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