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Pro Robots

Create your own Pro Robot and run it on your investment account. Invest based on an effective operating model.

1 Pro Robot

$900Requires Pro Investment Account
  • Free for City Index account holders
  • Easy to use
  • You use the knowledge of experts
  • You invest in accordance with a proven plan
  • Simple to build and test

3 Pro Robots

  • Easy to use
  • You use the knowledge of experts
  • You invest in accordance with a proven plan
  • Simple to build and test
  • You diversify your portfolio
  • More possibilities


$10001 Pro Robot / month
  • Easy to use
  • You use the knowledge of experts
  • More opportunities in more markets
  • Greater flexibility
  • You diversify your portfolio
  • Intended for higher amounts


We are convinced that we provide you with top-class services, but if you want to feel comfortable with additional security, we provide you with the following guarantees:

Guarantee of withdrawal from the contract within 30 days at no cost.

You can cancel the service at any time within 30 days of ordering without incurring any costs. All you need to do is send a resignation e-mail to:

Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

Where can I find ready-made PRO Robots?2021-01-19T19:02:29+01:00

Ready-made PRO Robots, prepared by experts and experienced investors, can be found in the Library and on the Exeria Network social web-site. Log in or register on Exeria – <a href = “;redirect_uri=https%3A% 2F% & amp; response_mode = fragment & amp; response_type = code & amp; scope = openid “> click here </a>.

How to turn the Robot on and off?2021-01-06T20:21:49+01:00

After creating your Robot PRO, save it in My Strategies. Then open the Strategy Controller and move your PRO Robot to the Strategy Controller with the mouse. In the Strategy Controller you can start and stop the PRO Robot.

How much will Robot PRO earn?2021-01-19T19:01:03+01:00

The robot is a tool. It does not earn itself. Robot is not an investment or a financial instrument and therefore there is no guarantee of Its future result beforehand. The one indication of the Robot’s effectiveness may be its past performance. Nevertheless, historical results will not always result in increased future profits. On the basis of the technical parameters of the software, we have created various characteristics of the Robots determining their potential profitability, activity or stability. Due to this, it is easy to choose the Robot according to your own preferences related to the level of profit and security. Robot technology helps to invest in various financial instruments. However, it is better to decide for yourself, relying on your intuition, knowledge, intuition or opinions of experts what will be the subject of your transactions (for example gold or cryptocurrencies).

Is an investment account required to use the free package of three PRO robots?2021-01-06T20:18:19+01:00

The robot runs on an individual investment account. It means that you must have an account to use the free Robot PRO package.

Can I control Robot PRO using my smartphone?2021-01-19T19:00:09+01:00

Yes. By using your phone, you can start Robot PRO, stop it and check its transactions. You manage the Robot with the phone the same way you do it on a computer. It allows you to have access to the full range of functionalities at any time.