Charts Pricing2021-03-18T15:57:49+01:00

Charts for companies

Easy to install, increasing the level of data presentation


  • Perfect for a computer and phone
  • Quick access to quotes
  • Increases viewership
  • Easy to install


  • No third party ads
  • Allows access to live data
  • Increases viewership and keeps customers on the site
  • Easy to install


  • It allows you to profit from advertising
  • Automatically detects buy / sell signals
  • Live data US
  • Easy to install


  • Rich collection of charts
  • Possibility to present your own data
  • Short implementation time
  • Builds loyalty and ties customers

Summary and comparison of technical parameters

Basic Plus Profit Library
Live US data V
Live Forex, Crypto data V V V
US data (15 min) V V
Custom logo V V
No ads V
Monetization of advertising V V
Exeria logo V
Technical analysis V V V V
A wide selection of charts V V V V
Quotes included with charts V V V V
Responsiveness V V V V
Smart Menu V V V V
Fast installation V V V V
The ability to build your own indicators V V V V
Chart templates V V V V
Smart Indicators V V V V
Smart Panel V V V V
Ability to load more historical data V V V V
The ability to open the chart in full screen V V V V
Investment strategies V V V V
Candlestick patterns V V V V
Auto refresh V V V V
Unlimited number of indicators V V V V
Data integrated into the chart V V V
PL/EN version V V V V
Additional features V V V V
Custom templates V
Custom quotes on the chart V
Own ad space on the chart V
Freedom of chart settings V
Ability to place additional data on the chart V
Possibility of creating an access hierarchy – e.g. through user logins V
Save your own layouts for charts and indicators V
Technical consultations V


We are convinced that we provide you with first-class services, but if you want to feel comfortable with additional security, we provide you with the following guarantees:

Data quality guarantee (applies to Basic, Plus and Profit products)

You get a guarantee of the subscription fee refund for the settlement period of 30 days. If it turns out that the access time to the service has dropped below 99% during the billing month, you will receive a refund of the entire monthly subscription fee.

Library quality guarantee

You receive a quality guarantee that allows you to terminate the contract immediately – without notice. In the event that it turns out that the library does not meet the functional requirements described in the offer, you will be given the option of immediate termination of the contract without the need to observe the notice period.

Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

How to install charts on the website?2021-01-06T18:20:25+01:00

It is very easy to include charts on your website. You can place charts in a permanent place on the website, as well as inside articles and posts by pasting the shortcode. Thanks to this, the content of your website will be more interesting and read more willingly. After subscribing, you will receive instructions on how to run quickly and step by step this simple installation.

How can I make money on charts?2021-01-19T18:53:42+01:00

The option to earn on ads’ is available in the Profit subscription. The place on the chart is very attractive for advertisers because it is a frequently visited fragment of websites for investors. If you have ever sold ad’ space, you know that you can earn significant income thanks to this. Thanks to the Profit subscription, you can freely shape the graphics and content that you place on the chart, which allows to have complete freedom including in managing your website.

How can I see the percentage of time that data was available?2021-01-06T18:04:58+01:00

We constantly monitor the availability of our data and ensure its quality. We provide a report on data availability every month. You can check it before subscribing to the service and during its duration.

Do the charts redirect to the websites of my competitors?2021-01-06T17:42:41+01:00

No, the charts do not contain any redirects. All available quotes will appear on the Exeria charts and there are many of them. This allows the user to work comfortably within one website all the time.

What is a Chart Library?2021-01-19T18:51:29+01:00

The chart library is a collection of functions and procedures, thanks to which you can build very advanced tools for investors on your website. When using the chart library, you can connect any data, both your own and those you order separately through Exeria.

Do the charts contain data?2021-01-06T17:36:04+01:00

Basic, Pro and Profit charts are delivered in the form of Iframe technology, which you can place on your website with one code. These charts are provided with the quotes.