Web Station

Technology that helps you become a leader

For those who want to master the market as quickly as possible.

Web Station was created for those who want to master the market and become its leader as quickly as possible.

Do you have the impression that the software you have used so far limits the development of your business? Would you like to stop feeling like you’re missing out on opportunities? You can use a professional, exclusive tool and select content to build a unique, strong image of your company based on the habits of your clients. You can now focus on development, feel power and prestige and that your work makes sense.

Unikalny mechanizm Web Station umożliwia prezentację danych w okienkach w taki sposób jak w aplikacjach instalowanych na twardym dysku komputera.

Example of using WebStation technology on transaction platform available in browser.

Who is it for?

For data presentation with division into windows

Web Station is used in large-scale service and production business. It is an IT system for managing content and presenting data in a graphical manner with division into windows. It is a tool for everyone who is looking for a friendly and useful interface.

  • For companies from the financial sector
  • For news agencies
  • For research, advertising and statistical agencies
  • For IT companies from the Big Data sector
  • In logistics and transport

How does it work

The system allows for the parallel presentation of various data such as charts, tables, information and records divided into windows. Web Station is a solution that allows you to present data in the form of windows on the Internet, phone and computer. This allows you to set the appearance of the screen and present data in a manner adapted to the type of device you are using. Web Station allows you to implement data analysis tools and observe changes and trends in any industry. The presentation of data in the form of windows has previously been available in programs installed on a computer hard drive only. Thanks to Exeria the solution that investors are used to is currently also available in your browser.

TOP 3 most unique Web Station advantages for final users

  • Windowing environment

    Your users will receive technology thanks to which they will be able to use the station with the full management of windows and content. A user will decide by himself about the appearance of the screen, its division and what will be in the windows. He will be able to transfer charts and information as well as influence how much space they would take up on his/her screen.

  • Parallel work on multiple charts and monitors

    You will provide the ability to view multiple charts simultaneously. A user will be able to move the graphs anywhere on a screen of any device through the ability to display multiple graphs at once in different windows. Also, he will be able to display multiple graphs on multiple monitors.

  • Responsiveness

    You will make it possible for clients to view information on multiple devices in the same way. The presented material will look good both on the computer and phone screens. Web Station is a responsive system that can adapt to any type of both regular and touch screen.

Friendly and useful interface

Web Station is intended for companies, financial institutions, banks, brokerage houses, large information services, Forex brokers, Crypto brokers as well as all companies using large amounts of data that require presentation in a graphic form.