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Top Tools for Forex Traders

  Since its establishment in 1944, the forex market reached a record high in April 2019, with global trading hitting $6.6 trillion (£4.6 trillion) per day, according to the Bank for International Settlements. Because of this impressive trading turnover, global market locations, and around-the-clock trading, the popularity of forex trading continues to rise. However, the sheer

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2021. What to invest in?

A few ideas on what to invest in and how to make money in the stock market despite the crisis. We said goodbye to 2020. It was very turbulent and volatile in the financial markets. The question arises: what to invest in in such a situation. In the name of fighting the pandemic, a gigantic

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How to make money with Bitcoin

Why is Bitcoin Investment becoming more and more popular? Do you want to get it? In 2020, Bitcoin grew by 209%. In the face of a crisis and the mass reprint of traditional money, Bitcoin appears to be a safe haven. You are just entering the world of cryptocurrencies and want to find out which

When to buy, when to sell? How robots work.

Have you ever wondered why some people almost always manage to earn more money and turn their savings into a family fortune? What do they do that make them move to their dream homes, buy newer cars, and travel the world all the time? Where do they get the money they can share and still

Gold. 25% profit per year.

In 2020, gold gained over 25%. In times of crisis and uncertainty, many investors consider this metal a safe haven. Gold can be purchased in the form of bars and jewelery, but it is associated with high operating costs and storage costs. It is much easier to buy a financial instrument the price of

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Can investing be learned?

The secret of Turtle Traders' success Beginner investors often ask the more advanced: whether to achieve success you have to be born with qualities that will make you succeed, or investing can be learned by treating it like any skill. Every time we learn a new skill; be it cycling or writing, the first steps

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How algorithms change investing

Processors, memory, resources, algorithms, codes and many other similar topics are becoming more and more popular in more and more areas of our lives. Automation, computer science and robotics sometimes revolutionary and sometimes imperceptibly appear in areas where they were not expected some time ago. Technical civilization is constantly gaining new footholds, and after some

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