FX Predictor Pricing2023-10-19T14:43:34+02:00

FX Predictor

Forecasts currency prices. It helps to choose when to buy / sell currencies.

FX Predictor

  • Forecasts rates
  • Increases margins and profits
  • Shows FORWARD rates
  • Easy to use
  • Available 24h / 7


We are convinced that we provide you with first-class services, but if you want to feel comfortable with additional security, we provide you with the following guarantees:

Guarantee of withdrawal from the contract within 30 days at no cost

You can cancel the service at any time within 30 days of ordering without incurring any costs. Just send an email resignation to the address: exeria@exeria.com

Do you have any questions? We have the answers.

How to calculate whether it is worth using the FX Predictor?2021-01-06T17:19:27+01:00

It is worth using The Currency Meter when 1% of your annual trade in currencies exceeds the amount of PLN 20 thousand. Therefore, if you buy and sell currencies for over 500,000 EURO during the year, it is certainly worth subscribing to the Currency Meter.

How much can I earn?2021-01-19T18:49:45+01:00

The Currency Meter is prepared for companies that exchange currency. If you exchange currencies continuously, the exchange rate will fluctuate around the market average. It means that with the Currency Meter you increase the average selling price or lower the average purchase price. Statistics show that you earn about 1% of your total foreign exchange trade. This means that if your margin on products is 20%, you will increase it by 5% thanks to The Currency Meter. If your profits are 10%, The Currency Meter will increase them by 10%.

Thus, for example, if your annual trade is EUR 4 million in a currency – you have the opportunity to get extra profits of EUR 40,000. This means that your profits from the Currency Meter are as much as, with a margin of 10%, you would achieve from selling products or services for the amount of EUR 400,000 PLN. You can also consider time and labour savings in your calculations. If you incur costs related to the analysis of changes in exchange rates, their forecasting, contacting banks or negotiating currency prices in exchange offices, it is worth taking into account the savings that will result from reducing these costs.

How can I check the effectiveness of the FX Predictor?2021-01-06T17:00:30+01:00

We constantly monitor the results of the Currency Meter and make sure that it is effective. We provide a report on its effectiveness every month. Thus, you can quickly check the effectiveness of the Currency Meter at any time.

What payment methods are accepted?2021-01-06T16:51:52+01:00

All basic forms of on-line payment are accepted, including internet transfer, credit card payment, PayPal, ApplePay.

Can the FX Predictor be used by multiple users?2021-01-06T16:49:42+01:00

Yes. You purchase one Currency Meter for one company. It allows you and up to several company members to use it within one subscription. They can log in at the same time from different computers, tablets and smartphones which makes using the Currency Meter really convenient.

What happens when my 30 day free period of using FX Predictor ends?2021-01-19T18:47:20+01:00

You are given a 30-day free period of using the Currency Meter to evaluate its suitability, operation method and benefits for your company. During this time, you can resign from using the Currency Meter at any time and without incurring any costs. After 30 days, the paid period will start, but nevertheless you will be protected by the Effectiveness Guarantee.