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Eurodolar is getting closer to the end of gaining

EUR/USD has risen sharply in recent days. From last week it was an increase of about 3 figures, which is a considerable achievement for the average volatility so far. The weakening of the dollar is also accompanied by an improvement in global investment sentiment, flowing capital to equity markets (including emerging markets) and negatively correlated

Equal adjustments on the dollar and the euro may stop PLN strengthening

Past days definitely belong to the zloty. This is not an exception, however, as the improvement in moods has also spread across the remaining emerging markets, strengthening their currencies. This is well illustrated by the WisdomTree Emerging Currency Strategy Fund chart, i.e. the ETF that gives exposure to emerging market currencies (ticker: CEW), which has

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Where and why to buy CHF against PLN?

PLN, like many other markets, has moved sideways in recent weeks. Last week has already signaled that the market will move to correction. The franc sellers managed to leave a long, negative candle on the weekly chart, and the market left the range of almost 2-month fluctuations. So we move to correction and it's time

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Silver began to chase gold

In recent months, there has been a lot of interest in precious metals, especially gold. Investors usually look at gold in market uncertainty, which was very high in February and March. The demand turned out to be so high that the price of "paper" gold (derivatives) was moved away from the physical (also due to

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Eurodolar is beginning to “stick” to support

Recently, the 1.0775 area, which has become support, is starting to play a significant role on EUR / USD. The daily chart shows its importance very well. The first, very strong reaction in this place we saw around February 20, when the panic associated with the potential effects of lockdown began to spread in the

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Silver is already prepared for the next directional movement

Silver, like many other markets, had a very decent rebound after the end of the recent panic. From the bottom it was a 36% increase. Importantly, buyers managed to pull prices above support, i.e. lows from 2018. This shows that their March violation was a bear trap. Over the past three weeks, volatility in the

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Preparations for EUR/USD growth

The area of 1,0775 on EUR/USD has been an important support in recent weeks, around which several turning points have already appeared. You can see here mainly the reactions of buyers. A week ago, sellers tried to threaten this zone again, but eventually ended only with a violation of the bottom shadow of the day

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