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USD/PLN – look for long positions here

In recent days, the breakout of resistance at 1.1450 on EUR/USD brought a clear weakening of the dollar to many currencies, including emerging market currencies, which can be seen, for example, in the changes in the WisdomTree Emerging Currency Strategy Fund (CEW ticker), i.e. the ETF giving exposure to currencies EM countries. It begins again

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Strong buy signal on EUR/USD will support commodities

For a long time, the euro has had a problem with resistance in the 1.1450 area. In the past days, this level was broken and at the moment, i.e. in the middle of the week, candle W1 indicates a classic, strong buy signal. If you manage to maintain the achieved levels by the end of

The collapse of the Tesla?

The dynamics of the recent increase on the Tesla values showed that we have very real chances of ending the entire hyperbolic rally. This is a classic picture that precedes the solstices, after which the entire increase collapses. Price in just over a week increased 80%. The risk for long positions was therefore enormous. Yesterday

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A risky decision for buyers on silver

Silver has for some time had positive, long-term fundamental perspectives, primarily due to the central banks' policy, as well as correlation with gold, to which a considerable distance remains.   The above gold-silver ratio chart or the chart comparing long-term price fluctuations for both metals shows this well. In other words, silver still has greater

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The US bull market is getting narrower

Stimulus packages implemented in recent months to help the economy fight the effects of lockdown have largely moved to financial markets. On the one hand, purchased government and corporate bonds release their cash to their existing holders, and this, in the face of increasingly stronger currency devaluation by central banks, flows into other assets. It

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Aussie is testing a key resistance zone

AUD/USD has been in a quite important zone for several weeks, i.e. under resistance in the region of 0.70. Sellers appeared several times in this place last year. For three weeks, buyers also have a problem here with the continuation of the dynamic rebound that has appeared since March low. This can be seen in

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End of “Robinhood’s bull market” – the money will flow to the dollar again

Since yesterday the mood began to deteriorate. The market began to pay attention again to the number of cases that in many US states are not stopping growing. In addition, investors have reacted negatively to reports of a planned increase in customs duties by the US towards the EU. The new package would be worth

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DAX – you can look in the direction of 11300 points.

Since the beginning of this week, the bulls have been trying to get out of the weekly consolidation, built under resistance from the daily chart under 12450 points. I marked the previous places of reaction of the sellers with red arrows. The bulls were closest to success yesterday, but instead of continuing the upward movement,

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4.00 is a challenge for dollar buyers

While the franc or the euro, in terms of the scale of the last correction, went back to places where buyers did not have a major problem with taking the counterattack, in the case of the dollar the sellers technically went a bit. The consequence of this is now a big challenge for those playing

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