Robot’s advantages

Using regularities of markets, robots buy and sell at the most suitable moments.

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Proven in action and safe

You decide yourself if you prefer more emotions or investing in a more secure way.

Using regularities of markets, robots buy and sell at the most suitable moments. They are able to earn in longer terms. You will have a feeling you are using the right product. Before starting a robot you choose how much you would like to invest and also describe the amount of funds that you would like to invest. You can start a robot in a demo account and see how it works before you open a live account. Access to the robot is ensured at any time. You decide yourself if you prefer more emotions or investing in a more secure way. You will feel as if you have a possibility of switching from the sport mode to the comfort mode. Robots have been tested for 2 years. It is a mature, well-checked and safe technological solution made by highly expirienced experts such as brokers and investment advisors. You can use this knowledge as a ready-made investment plan executed by a robot.

Benzinga Fintech Awards Exeria Winner Finding Alpha nagroda zwycięzca

Awarded by experts

The product is awarded in the world’s biggest market

Exeria won the prestigious award Benzinga Fintech in New York for solutions connected with robots – in the category Finding Alpha. The product was awarded on the biggest financial market in the world as a high quality Premium product that states a guarantee proved by specialists. Thanks to the presence in exclusive salons of new technologies, Exeria robots use certain, characteristically mathematical, regularities creating new investment possibilities and the financial future of everyday people.

Easy and cheap to use

Knowing how to use a smartphone is more than enough to use a robot.

You will manage a robot easily. You will get a video instruction along with a regular one. You will also use consultants’ assistance. The control panel is simple and intuitional. Thank to this you can feel confident with the very advanced technology that you use. You get access to tools that once were reserved for advisors, large investment banks and the richest clients only. Thanks to robots which are available for regular people you will discover the secrets of great finances.

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Free of human weakness

Avoid emotional decisions that are something more typical for people.

Regardless of what mood you have, someone is doing tasks for you objectively. Your moods and emotional ups and downs, pessimism and optimism, do not influence your wallet. It is easier to be objective this way considering your investments.

Investing in opportunities, solving problems

You will easily meet investment needs even without delving into professional knowledge.

Robots invest in opportunities that both most of the media resources and friends are talking about (for example gold, green energy, water, ecology) or solve problems such as protection against the Swiss franc’s rate increase. Thanks to this you can easily meet the need of investment into hot topics without delving into professional knowledge. Moreover, this will let you avoid the risk connected with rate changes or an increase of the cost of your loan.

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